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maandag 27 augustus 2012

Iconic Bond

Vijftig jaar James Bond. Vijftig onvergetelijke momenten. Welke iconische beelden zullen wij ons over nóg eens vijftig jaar nog steeds herinneren?

Dit is de Top 50 volgens Bond Blog. Kill your darlings...


„Bond, James Bond.”

An uninvited guest

Honey from the sea

Number One

Murder on the Orient Express

„She had her kicks.”

Golden girl

Aston Martin DB5

„Do you expect me to talk?”



Capsule in space

Little Nellie

Open crater!

„Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.”

Piz Gloria

All the time in the world

„Who is your floor?”

A narrow escape

Trespassers will be eaten

Boat chase

Spiral jump


Ski jump

Rise of Atlantis


Lotus submarine


Flight into space
A drive in the country

The climb

Acrostar Mini Jet

Golden Gate fight

The sniper was a woman

Cello chase

Exploding Krest

Tanker chase

Dam jump

A pleasent drive in St. Petersburg

Remote-control BMW

Bike chase


„Always have an escape plan.” (Q’s goodbye)

Ice chase

Licence: 2 kills

„The bitch is dead...”

„The name's Bond, James Bond.”

Night at the opera

Ms goodbye

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